Research Experience

We have handled large number of assignments on different aspects of Population, Sexual and Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS, adolescent health, child health, education and gender. It has undertaken a number of assignments listed below:

Reproductive Health, Child Health, Adolescent Health, Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS, Women Empowerment

  • Development of generic tools for studying migration and assessment of the vulnerability of migrants for HIV/AIDS-South Asia Research and Development initiatives (SARDI), 2003
  • Needs Assessment for implementing a Community Based Care project for Children Affected by HIV/AIDS (CAA) and other Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) in three locations of Andhra Pradesh – Catholic Relief Services (CRS) - Rural & Urban, 2004
  • Pre-training assessment of counselors of VCTC and PPTCT programme relating to HIV and infant feeding – BPNI (Urban) , 2004
  • Review of Policies and Programmes on Adolescent and Youth in India – Population Foundation of India (PFI)
  • Documentation of experiences and lessons learnt from CRS project on “Community Based Care and Support Project for Affected and Infected Children by AIDS in Delhi and Andhra Pradesh” (Rural), 2004
  • Consolidated report of factors responsible for change in performance of 24 RCH sub-projects funded by World Bank, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, New Delhi, 2004
  • Study for identifying the factors that influence the decision to donate blood in 5 states (Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa and Delhi) – Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS), New Delhi (Rural & Urban), 2004
  • Final evaluation of Integrated Health Project in Banas Kantha and Patan Districts, Gujarat – American Red Cross and Indian Red Cross Society, Patan, Gujarat (Rural) , 2004
  • Post training assessment of counselors of VCTC and PPTCT programme regarding infant feeding and HIV counseling – BPNI (Urban), 2004
  • Developing Monitoring & Evaluation Framework for the project “HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Programme for Rural and Tribal Youth in Orissa and Rajasthan”, Oxfam (Rural), 2004-05
  • Study to Assess the Educational Status, Women’s Status, Gender Differentials and Health Status of People living in Kurukshetra Parliamentary Constituency of Haryana (Kaithal, Kurukshetra and Yamunanagar districts) (Rural & Urban) , 2004-05
  • To collect, review, analyse, standardize and finalize country report data on health system profile and to prepare their publication in the WHO website – WHO/SEARO, 2005
  • Mapping and needs assessment of Nepali migrant in India for FHI funded project “Reaching Across Boarders: HIV Prevention Care and Treatment for Nepali Migrants at Source and Destination Communities in Nepal and India” – SARDI, 2006
  • Roundtable on developing protocols for community based Youth Friendly Health Services (YFHS) for rural youth in the context of HIV/AIDS, 2006
  • Implementing Peer Education Capacity Building Programme for Rural and Tribal Youth in Orissa and Rajasthan – Development of Peer Education Training Manual for Trainers and Peer Educators and Training of Peer Educators from 13 NGOs in Orissa and Rajasthan (consortium of EPOS & Y.G. Consultants)- Oxfam, New Delhi (Rural), 2005-06
  • Development of protocols for Community Based Youth Friendly Health Services for Rural Youth in the Context of HIV and AIDS – Oxfam, New Delhi, 2007
  • Reviewing the Quality of VCTC Services in the State of Uttar Pradesh (covering all 103 VCTC spread across 70 districts), UNICEF, Lucknow, 2007
  • KABP Survey of Drugs Abuse and Related HIV among School Children and Community in 15 States of India- United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, New Delhi, 2007
  • Evaluation of project on “Baby Friendly Health / Community Initiative in District Lalitpur, Uttar Pradesh”, 2008
  • Ethnographic Study of following 8 projects of The Leprosy Mission Trust, India, 2008:
    1. ICDP Project, Delhi
    2. Community Action Team, Uttar Pradesh
    3. Transforming Community, Kolkata Slum
    4. State-wide Self-Help Group Project, Chattisgarh
    5. Integrated Disability Care and Community Based Rehabilitation Project, Villupuram, AP
    6. PAPE Project, Vizianagram
    7. Choice, Dignity and Integration for Devadasi and the Socially Excluded, Belgaum
    8. Empowering Tribal Communities of Karwar District, Karnataka
  • Development of project proposal on “Challenging Anti-Leprosy Legislation in India, 2009” for submission to DFID, UK by The Leprosy Mission trust, India.
  • Baseline Survey on Empowerment of Village Women in Rural Uttar Pradesh, District Barabanki, 2009
  • Assessment of IYCF training in Ferozpur and Gurdaspur Districts, Punjab, 2009, BPNI, Delhi
  • Documentation of the project: Community Based Patient Driven Approach (CBPDA), 2009, TLM Trust, India
  • Health and Nutrition Situation of children in Jhansi, Banda, Chattarpur and Damoh and Khandwa districts, Bundelkhand Region (A case study Approach), 2009, BPNI, Delhi
  • KIRAN: Community and Communication Needs Assessment (CCNA) Study, 2010, Population Foundation of India, New Delhi
  • Country Situational Assessment (Socio-economic, demographic, health, education, leprosy and HIV/AIDS), 2010, TLM India
  • Needs Assessment for Development of Women Empowerment Project for Sitapur and Allahabad Districts, Uttar Pradesh, 2010, TLM India
  • Qualitative study of socio- cultural aspects of maternal and child health of tribal and non-tribal women in districts of Ajmer and Udaipur, Rajasthan and Katihar district in Bihar, 2010, BPNI, Delhi
  • Baseline Survey of IYCF practices in PLAN villages in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, 2011,BPNI
  • Evaluation of Project on Baby Friendly Health Initiative, Lalitpur District, Uttar Pradesh, January 2012, Gorakhpur Medical College, Uttar Pradesh
  • Baseline Evaluation for Improving Knowledge on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights among out of school Adolescent Girls in Jharkhand, CEDPA, New Delhi 2012
  • Baseline survey of YouthLIFE: Life skills, Information, New Technologies and Education, Delhi, CEDPA (2012)
  • Endline survey of YouthLIFE: Life skills, Information, New Technologies and Education, Delhi, CEDPA (2013)
  • Mid-term Review of Oxfam India’s project “Initiative to improve maternal health with social determinants approach” (with grant support DFID-GPAF) in six states of India (2014)
  • Baseline Survey of Aaroh Advocacy campaign, Uttar Pradesh, Oxfam India(2014)
  • Baseline Survey of Gender Justice under Asian Circle Oxfam India (2014)
  • Baseline Survey of Empower (GJ and EJ) project, Odisha, Oxfam India(2014)
  • Baseline Survey of Empower-EJ, Bihar, Oxfam India (2014)
  • Baseline Survey of Empower-GJ in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Jharkhand, Oxfam India (2014)
  • Baseline Survey of “ Building Resilience and Increased Economic Leadership of small holders specifically women farmers in India (Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh), Oxfam India (2015)
  • Rapid Survey of Contraceptive Prevalence in Uttar Pradesh, Avenir Health, USA (2015)
  • Care Seeking Behaviour related to Contraceptive use among married and unmarried adolescents in Madhya Pradesh and Odisha, Avenir Health for ABT Associates (2017)
  • Financing Road Map Study of New Contraceptives, Avenir Health for ABT Associates (2017)
  • Study to understand the reasons for difference in estimated number of IUCD users from HMIS and National Family Health Surveys in Selected States of India-Part1: Data Audit (2019)
  • Large number of research studies involved collection of qualitative data using IDIs and FGDs.